Representing South Carolina’s spoken word and poetry scene, Mr. Enlightenment is a metaphoric cataclysm of articulation. This ambitious artist’s unbounded and pellucid satire reflects his immediate desire to entertain. His first poetry experience, while attending college, led to his fascination with wordplay. Writing poetry became an outlet for expressing current life situations. Mr. Enlightenment shows his inner most thoughts and feelings by using analogies both comic and tragic from everyday life. He uses his poetic style throughout his daily life, as well as, in his professional experiences. Making an impression on South Carolina youth, he accredits poetry as his main career objective, while maintaining focus on his students in the classroom. Poems like “Love Can’t Wait” and the “Adventures in Wordplay” series this artist shows the true diversity in his work. In his first chapbook publication “Walletz & Pursez “, there are poems with the ability to represent men or women, while being open to interpretation. What the reader obtains could be as vast as the ocean is wide. You can find Joey Tucker, a.k.a. Mr. Enlightenment representing local poetry in Charleston, SC.

-Written by Ms. J. Lynn Hall

Excuse me for being A ” Conversation Whore” but it is all about “Me, Me, Me” . I find myself constantly talking about this book as if it were on Oprah’s Book Club List (which it should) but I love the fact that I can relate to the words that have Enlighten my situations. Its almost as if You are telling my song with your words. This has been a great read for me and cant wait to get started on another. Until then I will continue to re-read until the words are rubbed off with my fingerprints. Thank You so much for the awesome read!!! :)

– Evelyn Brown Conyers, GA

I finished Walletz & Pursez some time ago, but never had a chance to mention how much I liked it! It’s a great read because each and every poem is relatable to any person. No matter your background, you’ll be able to find something that hits home.

– Christian Senger Charleston, SC

Time Management… The word play was crazy in this one. “I hate myself for being so lazy. does that make me a racist?”.” Gaps between activities I guess my day needs braces”. You’re killin it! If you don’t have the book, Walletz & Pursez you’re missing out.

– Damien Jackson Columbia, SC

I had a wonderful evening of wine and Mr. Enlightenment’s poetry book “Walletz & Pursez”…personal favorites “Me, Me, Me” and “The Giver”. They really hit home for me.

– Jennifer Ort Summerville, SC

Hey !Great Book! I have sooooo many favorites! Conversation Whore caught me by surprise! I automatically thought it was going to be about a girl, but you fooled me! LOL, its about YOU! I can relate to it.

– Monika Young Charleston,SC

The collection of poems by Mr. Enlightenment referred to as “L.I.G.H.T.” is a modern take on an intelligent bachelor’s life. It takes you through the dichotomies of life we go through on the journey to find ourselves. In “The Right Women for the Job,” the idea of getting both what a man wants and needs from his partner. We all wish we could really grocery shop for a mate like in “Grocery List.” Then the damaged goods and imitators wouldn’t be bothered with. Some are deep, and some scratch the surface. But they all give a glimpse into a wonderful mind.

– Shelli Barsalou North Charleston, SC

So feeling the book and its many topics! I’m such a ” conversation whore”…my by far favorite, but I do have a lot, well all of them! But that ones I think was catered to me;) your use of words is so amazing but a talent by all means! Big ups I plan to see big things from you after this, this is only the beginning!

– Debbie Smith Clinton, SC

I kinda feel bummed out Mr. Enlightenment does not live close by. I’d absolutely love to see him read some of his poetry on stage. I find myself in a lot the stuff that he writes. Real stuff, about real situations. Can’t wait to read more of his stuff!

– Natacha Battello Genk, Belgium

I read your poems cover to cover, a couple of times actually, and, I tell you, it is hard to pick a favorite. I think the two that really rang true to me were All You Can Eat and Leap Of Faith. I have put things off because I don’t know what the right answer is or what path to take when I should really just focus on what makes me happy and what will fulfill me the most. I think you have a great deal of talent and I would love to know when you put out your next publication.

– Alison Peltier Summerville, SC